Blast from the past

Right before going to bed last night, I got on FB one last time to see what was being said about the LeBron Decision (yes, with a capital ‘D’).  I was surprised to see a chat window pop open from the guy I kind of dated (whatever that meant in tenth grade).  We said our hellos, our it’s been a long times, and in those few seconds of greetings, my mind flew back to 1997.

I had grown up fairly confident, pretty outspoken, relatively well-liked… but never thought of myself as crush material.  I did have one guy declare his love for me in eighth grade (his line was, “You turn me on–but not in a weird way”) but he was also my best friend, so for some reason I didn’t think that counted.  Well, maybe I also didn’t count it because when I asked him why he liked me, he responded, “Well, my MOM thinks you’re pretty.”  (No joke.)  When I went to the Philippines, though, no one KNEW that I was the girl everyone was friends with but no one LIKE-liked.

So this guy, whom I’ll call Nathan,  happened to be quite a stud.  He was very cute, very quiet (which I thought was SO sweet), and ALL the girls liked him.

We shared the same group of friends and he started walking me home after school.  One day, we got into the very typical “I’ll tell you who I like if you tell me who YOU like” game.  We ended up (seriously) agreeing to divulge this information by simultaneously writing the name of our particular interest down on pieces of paper.  We exchanged them.  He had written my name and I had written his.  I think this would have been very cute if we were in third grade.

I wasn’t technically allowed to date at the time but my parents seemed unconcerned.  Later, my mom told me that she wasn’t worried at all because we obviously had nothing in common.  We ended up flirting for a year before I ended up embroiled in something much more dramatic and mom-worrying (unrelated to Nathan… a story for another day).  Then I moved back to TW.  I don’t believe I ever saw Nathan again.

But I digress.  Nathan started to chat with me on Facebook!  How could I not be a bit intrigued, or at least curious as to what he is doing, how his life turned out, etc.?  Well, after the hellos I described above, he jumped right to the point of the conversation.

K: So, wow!  What have you been up to all these years?
N: I’m actually working for a real estate development group.
K: Oh!  That’s cool.
N: Yeah, um, that’s actually why I wanted to chat with you.  Do you know anyone who wants to buy a condo?
K: …
N: Because our condos are really great and yeah, I can send you an e-mail with descriptions of all our properties.
K: …
N: And you know, our condos are built by SuchandSuch.  Have you heard of him?  We’re also building a resort and it’s the first to have a man-made beach within the city, and are you sure you don’t know anyone who wants to buy a condo?

I eventually promised to keep him in mind in case anyone I know happens to be shopping for a condo in the Ph and we ended the conversation (but not before I had to promise to view a YouTube promotion for one of their resorts).

Thanks for the memories, Nathan.


2 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. so you should have tried to sell him something, like an island. condo for an island? i know i guy who wants to sell theirs…
    but that’s pretty funny kate. you could have married a real estate agent!!

    1. whoa, there. no one said anything about marriage. i was 14!
      and hey–if you need a condo in manila, just let me know. 🙂

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