Songs for the moment

I truly have no idea what is cool in terms of music. I listen to a song and decide whether or not I like it, and that’s about it.
That being said, there’s nothing like good music to put me in a fantastic mood.

Here are some songs I’ve enjoyed recently, roughly in decreasing peppiness, although all the songs are pretty mellow.

Detektivbyrån: Generation Celebration
Vampire Weekend: Ottoman
Tired Pony: Point Me at Lost Islands
Cataldo: Black and Milds
The Strokes/Julian Casablancas: I’ll Try Anything Once
If It’s the Beaches: The Avett Brothers

You can listen to them all as a playlist here.

Some great sources for free music/music recommendations:
Fuel Friends Blog
I feel like I am telling people about Fuel Friends constantly. Heather has great taste in music and her downloadable mixes are a goldmine.

The Downplayer
Every weekday, The Downplayer provides new music to download. The music styles vary greatly but I’ve always found a song worth putting on repeat.

I also use Pandora, as well as Grooveshark.


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