I started graduate school this week. On Tuesday, I came home from school and sighed, “Wow, I’m so glad it’s Friday.” That’s how crazy the first few days have been.

Reading assignments have been overwhelming, to say the least. I joked that everyone with a PhD must learn how to write in the most obscure way possible because I keep reading journal articles and throwing them down in exasperation. Why state something in one sentence when you can state it in five paragraphs with as many six-syllable words as possible?

(The most defeating part is that THE least comprehensible article so far was written by my professor.)

That said, I feel very privileged to be able to go back to school. I feel like the 3/4 of my brain that have remained dormant these past two years are all of a sudden shocked into activity. I love being productive and I love the structure that comes with having to be somewhere at a certain time. I love being required to read the newspaper every day.

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