Buyer’s remorse

Unlike my friend B, I am not so decisive when I make purchases.  Although I don’t make returns all THAT often, I probably consider returning most big purchases at least once or twice.

This drives P crazy.  When I bought an iPod in 2006, I was was too nervous to open the box and he ended up opening it for me just so I would use it.

I loved my iPod touch.  The only thing I wish it included was a camera. I like to take pictures but am very unmotivated to upload them (there’s something about connecting camera cables that just makes me feel tired) and thought that having a iPod that can publish pictures online with WiFi was a dream come true.  I assumed that the camera would be as passable as the one on P’s iPhone 3G or even as good as the 5.0 megapixel camera with HDR capabilities on the iPhone 4.

So when I heard that the new iPod would include a camera, I was pretty thrilled.  So thrilled that I almost immediately listed my iPod on Craigslist, sold it a day later, and preordered the new model.  I am often tempted to impulse-buy but never with big ticket items.  I usually do a LOT of research before spending larger amounts of money.  This time I didn’t, and boy do I regret it.

The new iPod DOES come with a camera (actually, two–one for video chatting and one for “HD quality video”), but the back camera meant for video/stills is seriously circa 1997.  We’re talking 0.7 megapixels.  I took a picture of A playing her toy accordion and couldn’t believe how terrible the quality is.

I was so disappointed and kind of ticked off at myself and Apple.  I contemplated returning it, but hesitated because I really have put my old iPod to good use and would really miss having one.  I thought about using the money I put towards this for an iPhone.

Instead, I am going to try to make lemonade with this lemon by taking really crappy photos throughout my day and posting them here.*  (I am posting on an independent site so that, in the event that the project dies an ugly death, this blog will remain unaffected.  I am quite certain that the only person who will view these is my brother, but that’s okay!)  I acknowledge that faux-retro photo effects are becoming quite… ubiquitous and many of us will look back on this fad and wonder what we were thinking, but I am going to use Hipstamatic and Picnik in an attempt to make it look like my crappy photos are crappy on purpose.

I think this little exercise will give me some enjoyment from my new iPod, at least until the inevitable new model comes along (with, I guarantee, a much better camera) in a few short months.

Gah, Apple!

*Yes, another blog.  Lame.

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