New house update

We moved into our new house yesterday.  It has all been a bit surreal.  While the house-search/buying process took a really long time, all of the major events happened in the background while other big things were occurring (school, traveling, visits from friends) so now that the house is actually ours, I keep wondering how in the world we got here!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have moved every year (well, we were at the last house for 14 months) in my entire adult life.   This is P and my 8th move together.  When we moved into our last apartment, I vowed never to move again until we bought a place.  (We kept that promise.)  This time, I’m vowing not to move again until we head overseas.

Moving is a pain but it has become so routine for me that it doesn’t stress me out too much.  What DOES freak me out a little is seeing how much crap we accumulate.  When everything is put away, I don’t THINK it appears like we have too much stuff.  But when everything is out, waiting to be packed, loaded into a truck, and moved (by friends you hope are not judging you for your materialism), I was embarrassed by how much we have.  I’m panicky right now not necessarily because of the idea that we’re tied down to a mortgage until who-knows-when.  What’s freaking me out is the knowledge that, as we’re putting things way, we’re going to have to gather everything all up again to move.  Someday.  Hopefully we will not keep expanding to fill every nook and cranny of this house.  The thought makes me jumpy and kind of nauseated.

The worst part of moving was the final sweep through of the old place, where we found about ten boxes worth of junk that doesn’t really go anywhere.  I know I could have pitched it all but the miscellaneous junk included my down slippers and my wine glasses.  And it’s easier to shove everything into an Ikea bag to deal with later.  (I am going to regret this later, I know.)

On the plus side, it’s fun to see everything you love, all laid out.  As we packed, I assessed that my favourite possessions are our framed photographs, our Hehe baskets from Iringa, and other odds and ends that were either purchased on memorable trips or made by friends.  Those things have a lot of sentimental value and would be difficult to replace.  Seeing these things around me makes me feel incredibly blessed, not because of their monetary value but of all the experiences they represent.

Now, back to unpacking.

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