Nablopomo, Sanity, etc.

I’m going to try my hand at National Blog Posting Month this year.  I believe I crashed and burned last year.  We’ll see how far I will make it.

We just came back from a trip to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity.  The irony is every time we talk to people about our experience at the rally, the first thing we say is “it was insane.”  The insanity doesn’t so much describe the people or speeches as the logistics of maneuvering into the city along with a quarter of a million other people (our particular commute consisted of driving to two different metro stations, waiting with crowds with no hope to board a train, deciding to hop on a train going the wrong direction on a whim, sitting on the train for over an hour until it reached the end of the line and then headed back, getting out several stops early, and then walking to the Mall.)

We’re not sure if the rally planners underestimated the turnout, but there was ONE jumbotron.  Which we could see.  At certain points.  If we jumped the right way.  We could also hear the broadcast only when the wind was blowing just so.

Regardless, it was exciting to be part of a presumably unifying event.  There were ALL KINDS out there.  Some signs that made me laugh:

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