Many hands (or leaves, part II)

So yeah, I tackled the front yard last week, but our back yard is many times the size and even more intimidating considering the fact that seven huge trees contribute to the leaf-fall.  Our house sits on almost 0.4 acres of land, fairly large for a house in town but enormous for someone whose “yards” growing up consisted of concrete slabs barely large enough to fit a Daihatsu hatchback.  We hadn’t really been keeping up with the raking since we moved in a couple of weeks ago and the leaves were piled no less than four inches high.  (We certainly learned our lesson and will not neglect the backyard that way again.)  Raking the back yard was so daunting that we decided to recruit help.

We called our friends O and M, who graciously agreed to help.  We honestly expected that their presence would motivate us to at least get started, but we weren’t very optimistic about how much we would actually get done, even with four people working.

The first thing I did upon O and M’s arrival was run across the street to borrow our rake, since we only had two to share amongst the four of us.  The house across the street is home to seven guys from Thailand (one of whom has a wife and child) who work for the Thai restaurant in town.  They have been wonderful and friendly and have given us an open invitation to join their weekly cookouts.  They readily allowed us to borrow a rake and before I knew it, five of them came over to lend us a hand.

Between the nine of us, we made short work of the leaves.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the entire yard done; it seriously seemed magical.  We used everything from gigantic rakes to tiny brooms to gather the leaves into piles and then a couple of the guys would quickly moves the piles using our plastic paint drop cloths and a wheelbarrow.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take a “before” or “during” shot, but here are some “after” shots (my iPod camera couldn’t take a wide-enough angle view of the backyard, so this is just a portion):


One thought on “Many hands (or leaves, part II)

  1. Wow, really magical! 🙂 Thanks to O and M (I think I know them 🙂 and to five Thai guys. What nice neighbors you have! How long will it needs raking again? 🙂

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