This can’t be good for my back

This Flickr set really caught my eye, as I love seeing what people carry around in their bags.

After looking through the set, my brother asked me to post the contents of my bag and I complied (click on the pic to read notes):

As you can see, these are the contents of my backpack, not my purse*.  I cheated a bit by not including garbage (receipts, printouts from class, crumpled-up Post-its) and realized too late that I had removed my cellphone from the arrangement when I went to pick up A right before taking the picture above.    Sometimes I also carry a small umbrella.

I was a bit surprised to see how generic my bag contents are.  Objectively, I guess one would be able to ascertain that I like to read and I like gadgets.  One would probably be able to guess that I’m female.  It might not be too difficult to surmise that I am a student.  Other than that, though, there’s not too much that is surprising or unexpected (besides the Christmas ornament, I guess–it’s still a mystery how it got in my bag).

*My purse contents would differ in that I’d probably have a spare diaper for Anna, no laptop, and no textbook or stapler.


4 thoughts on “This can’t be good for my back

    1. I have used the Pilot G-2 0.38 pen and LIKE it a lot (I think they were Holcomb’s pen of choice at one point), but the pointy-tipped Pilots in the picture are my long-time favourites. So, I’m sorry to say, my mind is not blown… but thanks for your two cents. 🙂

    1. Haha, awesome. Do you still blog?
      This is the “brow cream” in the picture. Once I looked it up I realized it’s not really called brow cream. It’s just stuff that you use to color and shape your brows and it is creamier than eyeshadow, which is how I made up “brow cream,” I guess! I personally like it because I have crazy eyebrows but yours always look perfect!

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