This time around

I am just over halfway with my second pregnancy.  Actually, if this baby decides to show up early like A did, I’m well over halfway!

Everyone says each pregnancy is different and that has been certainly true this time around.  To put it simply, I think this pregnancy has been a lot easier.  Part of that may be due to the fact that my physical symptoms have not been quite as uncomfortable (morning sickness, anyone?).  It could also be due to the fact that I am much busier and more distracted with other responsibilities and thus don’t spend as much time obsessing over every feeling.  Here is a comparison, for my own future reference:

I am also much less obsessive about doing everything perfectly.  I didn’t touch caffeine during my first pregnancy.  This time, again with the knowledge of my doctor, I have a cup of coffee most days (and occasionally, two–but that is my limit!).  I freaked out after gaining all the weight that first month, but have learned to accept the changes with a better attitude.  I also refrain from Googling minor symptoms.  For the most part.

Another difference I’ve noticed is that this baby is more active than A was at this point.  (I will choose to believe that this is not just because of the coffee.)

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