My ideal Saturday morning consists of sleeping in, waking up to the smell of coffee, and enjoying said coffee over a book (or, to be completely honest, Google reader).  Either that or meeting a friend for brunch downtown.

Our 3-year-old, A, often climbs into our bed once daylight hits (That is our rule for her–stay in bed until daylight.  We established this rule over the winter and paid for it over the summer, when the sun rises at 5 AM), and we spend the next hour or two cuddling in our tiny bed and dozing in and out of sleep.  When A finally decides that she is too awake to stay in bed, P gets up with her to get her breakfast and lets me continue to snooze with L.  P then often whips up brunch or works on a backyard project while A eats and plays (and I sleep).  It is glorious.  Saturday mornings remind me of how lucky I am to have married someone unlike me–someone who doesn’t find the appeal of being lazy just for the sake of it

On this particular Saturday, P’s working on the back patio.  A had cereal and blueberries for breakfast and is now splashing around in the bathtub.  L is snoozing in her bouncer.  I caught up on e-mails over coffee and pumpkin bread.  Soon we will head to the grocery store to do some much-needed shopping.  Later, we hope to make an appearance at the annual Great Insect Fair.  We will then spend the evening at our CSA’s farm for hayrides, a potluck, and all sorts of other early Fall festivities.  Then hopefully we’ll be back home for A’s bedtime, after which I have a paper to write.

Happy Saturday.


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