A minor obsession

During our visit to Naples for R and S’s wedding, R’s mom stocked the lodge refrigerator with all sorts of goodies.  My favorite treat, by far, was the peach bread from Joseph’s Wayside Market.  I kept going back to the fridge to sneak slices and, on our way home, we decided to go a bit out of our way to stop by the Market to pick up a loaf to take with us (we were also on the hunt for Arbor Hill black raspberry preserves–delicious!).

I made the loaf of peach bread last a whole week and a half but finished off the last slice last Friday.

Tonight, I decided to try my hand at peach bread.  I just found a random recipe online (bad idea) and went to town.  The verdict?  Bleh.  My peach bread is okay but completely misses the pound cake-like texture of THE peach bread.  I’m not really one to experiment with recipes nor have I necessarily ever been on a quest to track down something to recreate at home, but this might just change that.

Realizing that it is tough to make a hunk of something brown look appetizing.  Need to work on my food photography, that’s for sure!


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