Go to sleep, little squirrel

I can’t sing. It’s true.* The only person who would argue is P, but he doesn’t count. I have enough of a musical ear that I can tell when something sounds bad (which is why singing is probably frustrating to me–I can’t stand that I have no range and have trouble hitting each note).
At any rate, I find myself singing a lot more these days because I have a preschooler who likes to sing and I also have a newborn who is soothed by lullabies. Thankfully they are not judgmental.
It didn’t take me long after having A to realize that my lullaby repertoire is severely lacking. Most often I would find myself making up crap to the tune of Brahm’s lullaby:

Go to sleep, little girl
Go to sleep now, my baby
Go to sleep, little girl
You’re the sweetest in the world.

Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep now my baby.
Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep now my girl.

Can you tell that I’m a little weak in the lyrics department? (Hilariously enough, whenever P makes up songs to sing to A or L, he almost always ends up rhyming “girl” with “squirrel.” So we end up singing about squirrels a lot.)

Anyway, the point of this is that I don’t know a lot of lullabies. There was one lullaby album (on cassette when I was growing up, of course) that I loved as a child and sometimes I sing songs from that. But my unfamiliarity with kids’ songs means that I’ve had to adapt other songs as lullabies.

Here are some of the songs my girls hear fairly regularly (linked when possible):

  • Bob Marley–“Three Little Birds” (To be fair, this is oft-adapted as a kids’ song by various artists)
  • Edelweiss” (I don’t know all the words to this. Often I end up singing about my elementary school principal, because a friend’s mom rewrote the lyrics for him when he retired: “Mr. Wentz will go from hence, and (?) twenty-six years of service. We’d like to sing our thanks to him, although we’re all a bit nervous!”)
  • various hymns (I always go back to “Like a River Glorious,” for some reason. That and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River.” Rivers must be calming.)
  • The Beatles–“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (A’s favorite)
  • The Wallflowers–“Josephine” (Really, only the chorus. L smiled at me when I first sang this to her, which obviously means that she likes it, right?
  • John Denver–“Annie’s Song” (Always reminds me of my dad, a Denver fan. If I think too hard about this song, it makes me cry.)
  • Michael Learns to Rock–“Sleeping Child” (Yes, I sing my daughters cheesy Danish rock)
  • Counting Crows–“Long December

*Proof that I can’t sing? I once volunteered to lead worship at the church I attended in college. The congregation was made up of mostly elderly folks and they had no one to lead in the singing, so they resorted to having everyone singing along to MIDI files. NO JOKE. I felt so bad that I figured anything is better than a MIDI file, right? WRONG. I led worship once and was never asked to lead again.)


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