Autumn has always been my favorite season.  The cool, crisp weather feels like Taiwan in the wintertime.  Since moving to State College, however, I’ve come to really enjoy spring.  I love the bright yellow-green leaves and all the flowering trees in our neighborhood.  Even winter isn’t so bad here, with a lot less snow and gloominess than Western NY.

Unfortunately, I’ve been remarkably unimpressed with this entire year’s showing of seasons.  We had a long, dark winter.  Spring was ridiculously brief (and allergy-inducing).  Summer was hot and miserable.  Fall, so far, has been rainy.  And, horrors, A successfully built a snowman in October.

BUT–today was beautiful.  The sun was shining; the temperature was in the 60s.  For the first time in a while, I realized how gorgeous our backyard is.  Tomorrow promises to be a similarly perfect day.  

I dare this year to redeem itself.

Autumn backyard.